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De Capua Photography and Digital Art
I really wanted to change the way Digital Photography and Traditional Photography was looked at in the contemporary ‘Art World’. As a child I always liked Music, Art and Photography. Ansel Adams was one of my favorites. I was especially impressed by Ansel Adams' brilliantly detailed prints, "Aspens, Northern New Mexico 1958," "Winter Storm, Yosemite 1944," "Moonrise, Hernandez, New Mexico 1944," "Mount Williamson from Manzanar 1945" He was able to capture the natural beauty of the subject as well as the spectrums of Black and White. When I was in the service from 1958 – 1961 I started to get interested in Photography when I was station in Germany with the Kitizgen 3rd Division area band. One of my army buddies would show me how to print my back and with prints. After my tour in the Army from 1962 I toured on the road play music. In 1966 move to Reno, Nevada to make it my home. In 1975 I took some photo classes and started doing weddings, portraits and entertainers. Then worked my way up to commercial photography open my studio and eventual transformed myself and my work into something different and unique:

Digital Art is a growing changing mastery of time, shapes, color and form; It’s a different nature that we live in today as we juggle hi-tech elements that are juxtaposed with the contemporary need to evolve as an individual Artiest using today’s media.
Art & Photography has change over and over again with the changes in technology and the changes in media performance, i.e., I have spent many hours in a dark room and now many hours in the digital dark room… With the use of the computer and the current software one can change and manipulate the media in a whole new way. Nothing new for any beginner today but speaking for myself as an artist who has started from the beginning and ended up in digital media… I have seen a lot of changes.